Vegannection is the first prepaid loyalty card to be used exclusively in 100% vegan establishments. No need for carrying your wallet or cash any more. Vegannection card is on your Smartphone so you always have it with you. To get it, all you have to do is sign up. 

In our partners, you can both load your Vegannection card and use it for paying. Every time you make a payment using Vegannection card, you get 2% back. Vegannect with your friends to get even more benefits. Every time your friend uses his/her Vegannection card, you get 0,5% of their purchase.


Alba is a vegan artist who creates art and animations to bring awareness over animal rights. She sells her original work printed on apparel and other merchandise.

10% of all her sales profits goes to Sanctuaries and Animal Rights organizations so every time you buy a t-shirt, a bag, a pin a sticker, etc. you are not only spreading the message and raising awareness, you are also giving back to the animals.

All of her Art prints, enamel pins, t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, sweaters, bags, poster mugs, pillows, totes and other goods for men, ladies, kids and babies are ethically made, sweatshop free and PETA approved VEGAN.

Make sure to check out Alba Paris' original artwork, apparel and accessories, inspired by love & compassion made to speak for the ones "without a voice", inspire and empower fellow vegans, vegetarians and animal rights advocates. Because what you wear matters!

The wizards of pizza, as their own customers call them, serve whole pizzas stuffed with various vegan fillings, folded over and fried!

They will spoil your palates with 3 types of frizza:
1. The original (Spinach, Aubergine, Rich Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil and Cheeze
2. Wal'ognese and Cheeze (Wallnut Bolognese)
3. Truffled Mac and Cheeze

If that is not enough, choose between Chestnut hummus with pickled onion and cultured cashew pizzetas, the sweet almond ricotta with lemon frizza and Sweet frizza - doughnut like fried pizza goodness filled with fresh strawberries, custard and Muscovado sugar and so much more.

If you have never tried the bold, fresh, artistic yet hedonistic touch that Bar dei baci gives their pizzas, make sure you visit them as soon as possible.

This family-run business serves traditional Lebanese food with recipes which have been handed down through generations and adapted to be vegan without losing any of the taste.

The belief in the importance of nurturing the body and consuming hearty, whole foods, is at the very core of making all their food beneficial to the health of the customers keeping refined sugars and fats to a minimal.

Come to Beiroot and savour the tastes and textures of a traditional, but cruelty free Lebanese celebration of dining pleasure.

A cold pressed juice company specialised in Fresh Sugarcane Juice mixed in a variety of different flavours. Their juices have amazing health benefits and taste great!

If you looking for a plant based protein source to add to your menu that happens to be organic, fermented, high protein and gluten free, search no more.

In Club Cultured, you will find amazing superfoods fermented in compostable packaging, made from scratch. Tempeh, kimchi and kombucha are used to create unique dishes on their menu.

Co-creator and head chef, Connor, has trained in Michelin starred kitchens so you better make sure you give yourself a chance to experience the culinary exhilaration served by Club Cultured.

Plant based Moroccan and Caribbean Restaurant in the heart of West London.

Treat yourselves with tasting the culinary passion that excites both vegans and meat eaters alike, in a beautiful yet relaxed environment.

The inspiration for what can only be called a sublime gastronomic pleasure, comes from all over the world with a particular nod to Middle Eastern flavours.

Come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just to enjoy a glass of their vegan wine, beer or one of their speciality hot drinks or nutrient-rich juices.

Comptoir V, where food is much more than something to eat.

A leading Superfood company based in London, specialised in all things Moringa and Cbd!

Moringa Is A Natural Nutritional Powerhouse that continues to amaze the scientific world with its amazing balance of antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.

Ancient Indian writings, dating as far back as 150 B.C., refer to the Moringa plant and its uses. Early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians prized Moringa for its therapeutic properties and also used it to protect skin, make perfume, and purify water for drinking. Now this humble plant, often called the Miracle Tree, is coming to the forefront as one of the most nutritious herbs in the world.

Eat Moringa, because you can never be too healthy.

Well known for its colourful works of liquid art, the health itself that you enjoy drinking, straight from our Mother Earth but completely out of this world.

Our Nature splashed, bubble-gummy pink mobile catering bar, appearing within our streets, events and markets creating and serving nothing but health conscious Smoothies and Juices, sharing 'Ejuiced' health tips.

Kind of like an Ice cream type of van that sells a combination of Fruits, Vegetables, Plant powders, Seeds and Nuts.

If you find yourself in one of London's street Markets or Events, you have to look for Elusive juices and just let yourself go with its flow.

Pure vegan dining gem where food shines brighter than any diamond and people cannot stop talking about it. A menu that covers it all and the ability to cater to specific selections will make you fall in love with this nutritional joy best described as “Indian Fusion, International Confusion”.

In bringing its goodness to go, EN ROOT celebrates fresh vegetables, wholesome pulses, aromatic Gujarati spices, combined with no added sugar, preservatives or additives to deliver a unique, health and well being orientated menu. 

Whether you visit En Root or find them at Markets, Birthdays, Festivals, Community Projects, Retreats, Private Parties, Weddings, etc. rest assured your inner hedonist will be forever grateful and you belly will be full of goodness.

Vegan clothing brand that evolved from the ethos of creating products on a slow fashion basis to help reduce the environmental impact of textile waste. Ethically made, socially responsible, PETA vegan approved, clothing brand for adults and kids.

They offer t-shirts, loungewear, accessories, pyjamas and duvet sets. All the products are 100% super soft cotton for maximum comfort with no irritating labels. The cotton is either organic or responsibly sourced. Yarn, fabric and garments are then manufactured in Portugal with the least impact on the environment as possible. Fferal uses zero waste packaging and encourage recycling of its clothes.

If you want to wear exquisite and stylish clothes made of materials that are either organic, recycled or sustainably sourced, made ethically by people who earn a living wage and reduce all the plastic waste
within the making and shipping of clothing items, look no further. Fferal, because the future is ethical.

London's haven for fully vegan tattoos and body piercings, based in the heart of Shoreditch, right off the well-renowned Brick Lane.

Friendly and professional, they feature resident tattoo artists extraordinaires, Phred, Aoife, Sabina, as well as bringing guests from around the world. The resident body piercing genius Andy will take care of all types of body piercings from the ears to the nose and the nipples.

Open to everybody and welcoming peculiarity, aiming to tattoo unique projects, beginning with the creation of your ideas, from watercolour-inspired paintings, to sacred geometry, vibrant new-school art and German trash polka, they will breathe life into your tattoo.

All of the trade materials are vegan and plant-based including the inks, stencil paper, stencil solution, soaps and sprays, moisturisers, aftercare and cleaning products.

Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing - If you can imagine it, they can custom tattoo it.

GreenBay is London’s first 100% vegan supermarket, based in West Kensington and also available online. This ultimate destination for everything a vegan could ever need could only be described as a vegan heaven.

Among its all encompassing selection, you will find an extensive range of plant-based food products, including over 90 types of dairy-free cheese, a huge selection of vegan meats and a mouth-watering selection of dairy-free chocolate.

They also have a wide selection of cruelty-free beauty and hair products, cleaning supplies, and even vegan dog food!

Their friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer any questions and to ensure each visit is a happy and memorable one.

GreenBay Always there to help you!

Mobile Vegan caterer, specialised in private events and Festivals, drawing inspiration from the Vegan Street Food scene in California will wow you with its Pulled BBQ jackfruit bun with creamy coleslaw & toasted cashew nuts, dazzle you with unbelievable Smokey Satay Tofu Wrap with pickled carrots, parsnip and leek and then finish you off with its famous Hoi Sin 'Duck' wrap, red pepper, spring onion & five spices delight.

Famous name on Festivals, the talk of every wedding they cater, the desire of every palate, the myth, the legend, Herbivorous.

Vegan Street Food Inspired by Cypriot Cuisine with treats such as Hummus Soup, Vegan Meatballs (Keftedes), Hummus Desserts & more.

Visit Hummus Soup and More and taste for yourselves why so many people are dazzled with the enchanting textures and irresistible flavours of Cypriot dining experience.

An all vegan catering company that specialises in the meat substitute 'seitan'. All of their steaks are handmade from scratch, cooked to order and dressed with a variety of toppings to create the ultimate vegan steak experience.

Make sure you catch them every Saturday and Sunday in Soho and Victoria park respectively, as well as at some of UK's hottest vegan events and immerse yourself in the overwhelming surge of the most delicious textures and flavours.

Breaking down the barriers of scepticism by carefully designing their steak sandwiches to offer that mouthful of taste bud tingling flavours in every bite, regardless of who's eating it and why, Jake's vegan steaks will blow your mind.

Micro pizzeria specialising in street food based vegan pizza. Offering you a totally cruelty free and deliciously crafted menu to take care of all your pizza cravings.

Little Leaf is a group of people who absolutely love food and are committed to creating the tastiest, most delicious vegan food known to man.

So if you are looking for a proper pizza, made within minutes notice, on site with fresh ingredients, perfectly crispy and insanely delicious, well look no more.

Whether it’s their delicious Red sauce pizza with the Little Leaf blend of cheese topped with pepperoni and jalapeños or any other of their sublime delicacies, you will definitely be coming back for more.

Little leaf food, regardless of your personal preferences, they will get your pizza fix satisfied!

The sensation of magic gently caressing your skin as you use the amazing handcrafted vegan artisan soaps will make you fall in love with them instantly.

Infused with Natural Essential Oils, Flowers and Herbs, Crystals Charged with Reiki Healing Energies. A Healing Crystal that you get to keep.

All LovEve Soap Products are:

Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Preservative Free
Polyethylene Glycol Free (PEG)
Cruelty Free
Plastic Free
No Waste
Made with Love & Light & Healing Energies

Loveve, your skin will be forever grateful.

An alternative vegan hair salon whose experienced and professional stylists will take your wildest dreams and make them a work of art helping you stand out and expresses your inner beauty, a place where any hair style is possible, where you can fulfil all your colourful fantasies with dreads, cyber dreads, rainbow colours, hair extensions and more. 

Situated just off Brick Lane, London, Monster House is open 6 days a week to transform your hair. Easily accessible with Whitechapel, Aldgate East and Shoreditch High Street stations nearby.

If you want your next hairdresser's appointment to be an artistic experience of the highest level of professionalism and quality, an adventure you will never forget, Monster house is the place for you.

Founded by naturopath Kate Brontë-Stewart, Nutkin is a naturopathic
kitchen specialising in artisan nut-based cheeses.

Committed to using functional, healthy ingredients that promote health whilst never compromising on flavour Nutkin is the answer to the prayers of many people out there struggling to make the transition to the vegan diet.

One of the biggest challenges when transitioning to a vegan diet is not eating cheese, but now with Nutkin, there are no more excuses for not going vegan.

Veganized authentic Filipino Food.

In the Philippines, banana leaves are used a lot in cooking and it is exactly this vibe that you will feel when being served your food on the plates that are made from palm leaves while banana leaves will be sitting on top.

Oh My Gulay!, the very first plant-based street food stall in the UK offering Filipino cuisine.

Pure gold when it comes to creating great tasting plant-based baby food that leaves a green footprint! Combining fruits and veggies from all backgrounds to make exotic pots that feed not only your babies' stomachs, but their minds and souls as well.

Fed up with not being able to pronounce the ingredients at the back of your pots? Irritated by the uninspired samey taste provided for our kids? Or are you just concerned about how long these pots have been on the shelves?

Pason's Pots, because our children deserve better.

The iconic Jamaican Patty needs no introduction. Patty by Nature is passionate about vegan Jamaican patties and brings to you a crumbly, flaky pastry encasing a range of their signature mouth-watering flavours.

Try "The Jack" and get lost in an extravaganza of curried flavours. Or maybe you want "The Island Girl" - as sweet as it is spicy - a sweet jerk plantain fusion.

It’s not just any Patty, it’s not Patty made by anyone, it’s THE Patty, the one and the only, Patty By Nature, the tastiest Vegan Patties known to man.

The Original Alternative Vegan Italian Pizzeria run by two professional pizza chefs from Italy, it offers greatest selection of pizza dough in London, both wholemeal and type2!! 

Multigrain,  turmeric,  burned wheat (ancient grain from South of Italy), seaweed, hemp and Kamut (ancient grain from middle east). 
If you feel like something truly different, they also do a plantain fruitarian base!

Visit them and taste for yourself why even non vegans are saying that Picky Wops makes the best pizzas in the world.

A zero waste shop and vegan Creperie.
Whether you’re vegan, flexitarian, a meat-free Mondayer or just hungry - they’ve got you covered.

Absolutely enchanting vegan homemade organic food famous for its irresistible and scrumptious festival of pleasure for the taste buds starting with well known stars that are homemade vegan burgers, Cashew Cheddar Cheese, Seitan Chorizo, Camembert, Cashew Mozzarella, Passata Sauce, Matcha Twix Bars, Pannetone, Vegan Boston Cream Donuts, Custom Made Cakes, Focaccia and so much more for you to choose from Sara's mouth watering repertoire.

Sara runs street food markets in London and UK, but also offers private catering for parties and events, sells her products online and hosts cooking classes.

If you want to indulge in heavenly symphony of homemade culinary rhapsody, than Pomodoro E Basilico is without a doubt the way to go.

Raw vegan brownies, bars, bites, turmeric tonics, and more, all freshly handmade in Hackney. Delicious, nutritious and full of whole food plant-powered ingredients

Apart from doing weekly door-to-door deliveries in Hackney & Shoreditch for business & residential customers, this giant of raw food can also be found at Hackney' best weekly market in London Fields E8 every Saturday between 9am-5pm.

RAWSOME makes you feel AWESOME.

Specialised in high quality Caribbean Vegan food taking flavours and inspiration from the Island of Jamaica to create beyond tasty, extravagant dishes.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying Renee's Kitchen, a place that will transport your palate straight to the tastiest, most finger licking corners of Jamaican cuisine.   

'Simple Animal' is a young fashion label that specialises in trendy, organic and fair, vegan fashion. The whole printing process is vegan and cruelty free, no gelatine is used in the emulsion. All the prints are originals of happy animals, often from sanctuaries.

But that's only half the story. Simple Animal is also an eco-friendly & organic brand that combines fair-trade values with highstreet fashion.

All materials used are vegan, organic and easy on the environment. The products are hand-printed in a small London studio, the ink is approved by the soil association and the materials used are all fairly traded and vegan - they use gelatin-free emulsion on their screens :).

The t-shirts used are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and GOTS approved.

Simple Animal, an inclusive company that wants everyone to be treated fairly.

Bringing you the flavours and the texture of the pure English tradition that is Fish and Chips. All the taste with non of the cruelty.

A place where all natural, nutritional, plant based products are sensationally combined to create mind-blowingly tasty yet healthy vegan fast food.

Their slogan 'branding buns not animals' captures the ethos of The Green Grill as well as the mission of its founders to build a plant based world, preserve our planet and encourage a healthier and happier way of thinking.

The Green Grill, environmentally friendly, cruelty free food that is tasty, healthy and accessible for everyone.

A place that redefines the known and defies the norm, naughty but cruelty free food that will show you exactly why vegan fast food is no junk food.

Be sure to come to Surrey Street Market on Fridays and pamper your taste buds with 100% Vegan Burgers, Hot Dogs, Loaded Fries, "Fish"& Chips, "Bacon" Rolls, Chocolate Cakes, and much more.

If you crave some proper naughty vegan food, served with a friendly smile, with The Vegan Grill you can't go wrong.

If you have ever wondered where to find 100% vegan, gluten free and organic; Prosecco, Red, White and Rosé wines, Small batch craft beers, allied and ciders - all on tap and with no plastic cups, returnable bottles for Prosecco & cannisters rather than endless bottles, wonder no more. 

Tipple on Tap offers a bespoke and adaptable bar service and drinks menu for each event, whether it be a corporate or private event from a street market, to a festival or a wedding. 

Its drinks menu also includes spirits with mixers and soft drinks and its seasonal additions such as Pimm's & Lemonade and Mulled Wine are also "on tap". Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Herbal Teas are available also for the earlier daytime events. 

Unique, plastic free, 0% waste and 100% rapture Tipple on Tap.

A multi-cuisine, gourmet vegan sausage company.

Each and every Vausage is Quinoa-based, and therefore 100% GLUTEN FREE, tied by hand, and packed with the freshest flavours from their signature seasoning blends.

Vausages also cater for private events, festivals, and much more! The catering menu is comprised of a variety of the world's finest baked vegan hotdogs, with dozens of toppings to choose from, you're literally spoiled for choice!

All of the vegan sausages that are used in the hotdogs are handmade using fresh herbs and spices (the herbs grown in their very own herb garden!).

Vausages have 4 varieties of vegan sausage to choose from:

British Cumberland
Jamaican BBQ Jerk
Spicy Mexican Chorizo
Indian Chennai Curry

The hotdogs come with their own unique 2 set toppings, with the choice of many other additional toppings to choose from. All of their rolls are baked freshly in a local bakery, topped with black and white sesame seeds.

Vausages made it their mission to create the best possible vegan sausages and boy does it show!

Vegan Yes is a new dining concept that offers you all the health benefits of vegan food fused with the founding partners’ culinary backgrounds from Italy and South Korea.

Fresh dishes being prepared everyday include their signature Lasagna Kimchi, Lasagna Bolognese, Healthy Potato, Kimchi Bibimbap, ToppoGnocchi and their home-made vegan sausage.

Also offering Italian beer and vegan wine to pair with your healthy lunch or dinner, there is no better reason to go down to Brick Lane and taste their original breathtaking homemade vegan dishes.

Vegan Yes - say YES to cruelty free and healthy culinary pleasure.

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